Fun fact! ADID is able to provide services all over the US; from CT to OH to FL to CA!

Working on out-of-state projects is simple for me and more importantly, you! Message me for testimonials, referrals, etc.

Here's are samples from a Ohio Lake house which allowed me to select the right paint colors and help with their kitchen and bathroom recommendations.

Photo May 07, 8 35 54 AM.jpg


Here's a Tuftex Carpet stair runner I selected for my client in Concord, MA. It makes a great design statement that's classic and casual, while also adding a tactile and visual softness to the space.

It was cut and installed by Touchdown Carpets in Marlborough, MA.

Photo Apr 26, 10 36 14 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 26, 10 37 01 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 26, 10 37 45 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 26, 2 40 00 PM.jpg

Custom Succulents by ADID

I always try and add a custom and one-of-a-kind piece to every project, and for a commercial project I’m working on, that custom thing is...personally crafted ADID succulent arrangements!

The look I was going for was a unique variety of faux florals with different bases and with the specific color scheme I wanted to achieve, I knew it was something I would have to create myself vs. taking a lot of time shopping around for the exact look I wanted. 

Below are all of the supplies separated out to create an easier "assembly line" with another picture of the final custom arrangements. This was my first attempt with arranging faux florals and I am very pleased with the final product. 

Photo Apr 20, 5 04 42 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 20, 5 04 53 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 20, 5 05 21 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 20, 5 04 49 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 24, 7 21 26 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 24, 7 17 03 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 24, 7 17 14 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 24, 7 17 20 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 24, 7 17 08 AM.jpg

When a "dream board" transforms into reality

In Sudbury, MA there is a master bedroom created from an original "design board" and Full Service Design Plan*. 

Below is the floorpan, the final design boards, and the finished look.

*Full Service Design Plan includes: measuring the space, doing a CAD floorplan, sourcing of all furnishings, personal shopping, a full design presentation to show all options, a pricing spreadsheet, facilitation of the order and managing the installations.

Photo Mar 06, 11 54 23 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 06, 11 32 56 AM.jpg

Happy Easter!

My kind of decorating - simple. I love this clear vase tulip arrangement from Trader Joe's - they will be blooming soon! I paired it with a bowl from Crate & Barrel, which is several years old and ceramic colored eggs, which were gifted to me by my mom! 

Photo Mar 30, 3 26 13 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 30, 3 23 33 PM.jpg

Springtime Accessories

Adding gold accents is a guaranteed way to make a room look a little "fancier" and it works with every-color-imaginable (trust me!). In this particular project I am paring gold with shades of pink and coral - it's so fresh and fun!


These accessories below are for a more rustic and modern look with blues and yellows as the accent colors.


Elegant Accessory Project

What I love most about accessories is they come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes so there are endless options to complete every type of look. Here is a collection for an upcoming project where I am adding accessories to an elegant residence!