Practicality Meets Panache

Project Location: Nashua, NH.

I was recently tasked with designing a space that can be used in multiple ways: for relaxing moments, a non-traditional work-from-home space, and for a more formal dinner space…challenge accepted!

My clients provided me with a “blank slate” meaning no previous furniture, no desired layout, no set color-scheme, etc. So based on our initial consultation, I knew yellow was a color they would like to see accented in the room, accompanied by mid-century design.

Knowing the room needed to include furnishings that would be practical in multiple ways; I picked out a dining table that could also function as a desk. The specific set included below comes with four chairs; however I included only three chairs to give it more of a desk look, while keeping the extra chair stored somewhere else for when they need it. By the bay window, I positioned two large chaise lounges, which can be used to relax, read, use laptop, etc.  

To add some panache, I went with a timeless and classic color palette of yellow, gray and ivory. For the furniture and lighting, options were narrowed down by the mid-century style previously mentioned, which aligned and was complimentary with their more modern living space I had previously designed.

See below for two options I created and presented. My clients chose to move forward with the second option, so stay tuned for updates and before/after pictures coming later this fall.

Floorplan - Dining/Office/Sitting 

Floorplan - Dining/Office/Sitting 

Option A Design Plan

Option A Design Plan

Option A Design Plan

Option A Design Plan

Commercial Lobby Space

Here's a commercial lobby space in Waltham, MA that was designed last year with a former colleague. The balusters went from black to green to call attention to the marble tiled walls. We wanted to work with the existing finishes since it would have been too expensive to replace. New lighting, furniture, flooring and art modernize the space.

My clients followed through with the entire design plan and are very happy with the outcome!

While I waited for the art to be installed, I was able to hear tenants and visitor reactions, which was great and rewarding!

Looking up to the 4 floors! Waltham, MA

The balusters were painted green to compliment the green veining in the marble wall tile. The art makes the green color "pop" as well. Waltham, MA

Here's a closeup of the console table and orchid. There's new signage to come which will be mounted above the table. When the new sign is up I will update the photo. Waltham, MA

The door was also painted green to make it pop. The lighting sconce, carpeting and stair rubber is also new. Waltham, MA

The Design Process...!

There are so many phases in the design process: finding inspiration from something, determining the color scheme, selecting the right furniture and fabrics to coordinate with the design style and budget. A lot of re-working and editing until you feel like all the pieces of the puzzle are in their right place! It feels great!

Today I spent a lot of time at Ethan Allen in Burlington, MA working on this project. This was round 2 to decide on a few more items and to get pricing on everything so that I can plug it into the pricing spreadsheet.

This project is very different from previous ones because my client's asked me for a Chinese style influence. I am having a lot of fun with this!

I still have art to finalize and other areas of the house to work on before it's complete.

Stay tuned for design boards once I present to them at the end of this month!

Inspired by Art!

I am currently working on a design project for a young family with a connection to California. They wanted something to remind them of the San Francisco area. I sourced this piece of art which has inspired the entire color scheme for the design of their living space.

Check out my design! Their product will be arriving in about 2 months and I will be posting the after pictures here!