Kitchen Dining Art Sculptures

I came across these wall sculptures while I was sourcing product for my clients home. They come in 5 colors and luckily in our color scheme!

I incorporated them in the kitchen dining area that's open to their family room. Since they're bowl shaped I thought it was very appropriate! 

You will soon see how it all ties together!

Update on the Chinese Inspired Design

I will be sharing design boards to catch you up on a large project from last month, now that they have been presented to my clients!

Their scope consisted of a playroom design, family room design, kitchen dining add-ons, foyer, bathroom mirrors and art around the whole house.

I'll share the playroom first!

The main functions of this room are for playing and watching movies. I added a wall of bookcases/storage to hold a TV and also for toy/game storage. The bins fit nicely on the shelves and they can mix and match the bin colors.

I selected a carpet tile that can be switched out one by one if and when they happen to get stained. They're made of a nylon material so they're easy to clean...but just in case! I immediately fell in love with the linear dot texture pattern and the colors which coordinate with the homes color scheme, as you will see by following the next design boards.

I selected a two-cushion settee so that one or two adults can get comfortable. It will be made in a durable lime green fabric with a 'performance' pillow fabric. In addition, there are some mobile bean bags/poufs for the kids to use and move around.

To soften the room, I will be installing window shades and simple drapery panels.

And of course...there will be plenty of toys to act as the accessories!