Pick a Fabric!

Yesterday, I was shopping at Zimman's in Lynn, MA. It's a giant fabric warehouse where you can purchase fabric off the bolt. It's a great resource for designers and homeowners who are decorating a home or business.

I can see why clients can feel overwhelmed when shopping for their homes! There are several hundreds...if not a thousand fabrics to choose from here.

So if you're in need of finding that perfect fabric in a certain color or design style, I can help narrow it down to what would work for your space!


Global Inspired Accessories

This week I had so much fun putting together groupings of accessories for a large job. I pulled together ceramic vases with copper glazes, carved wooden and metal sculptures, mercury glass vases, faux orchids, grasses and flower arrangements. 

I can accessorize one space, a whole home or an entire commercial building. I am able to source art, mirrors, wall decor, accessories, lighting, etc.!

Inspired by Art!

I am currently working on a design project for a young family with a connection to California. They wanted something to remind them of the San Francisco area. I sourced this piece of art which has inspired the entire color scheme for the design of their living space.

Check out my design! Their product will be arriving in about 2 months and I will be posting the after pictures here!