Busy Busy with Accessories!

I have been working on this large project on and off for the past 6 weeks. The project scope consists of accessorizing 30 spaces in a large commercial building!

I had to purchase a box truck to hold all of the boxes! Here are some photos of the progress - all of the boxes I will be inspecting and organizing into new designated boxes based on their location in the building.

Commercial Lobby Space

Here's a commercial lobby space in Waltham, MA that was designed last year with a former colleague. The balusters went from black to green to call attention to the marble tiled walls. We wanted to work with the existing finishes since it would have been too expensive to replace. New lighting, furniture, flooring and art modernize the space.

My clients followed through with the entire design plan and are very happy with the outcome!

While I waited for the art to be installed, I was able to hear tenants and visitor reactions, which was great and rewarding!

Looking up to the 4 floors! Waltham, MA

The balusters were painted green to compliment the green veining in the marble wall tile. The art makes the green color "pop" as well. Waltham, MA

Here's a closeup of the console table and orchid. There's new signage to come which will be mounted above the table. When the new sign is up I will update the photo. Waltham, MA

The door was also painted green to make it pop. The lighting sconce, carpeting and stair rubber is also new. Waltham, MA