Officially Open for Playdates!

Project Location: Andover, MA

While I know most of you are used to seeing my before & after re-creations more suited for adults, I want to share with you a playroom I re-designed for a client who wanted me to transform the space for her active sons.

My main goal for this room, was to create a space that would look presentable even when it was actively played in. To achieve this, I replaced their small area rug with carpet tiles, which covers and protects most of the wood floor, while creating a larger space for the boys to play on and contains all of their toys without it looking cluttered.

My client requested a sitting area where she can host other moms and children for a comfortable play-date so I knew a loveseat near the bay window would be the perfect addition. By adding this loveseat in this particular location, it created a nice frame around the drapery while simultaneously creating a relaxed comfortable social area. I also picked a dark and textured fabric for the loveseat, so it would be able to withstand any inevitable stains that occur. I then added fun patterned pillows to add a pop of color to the room (so fun!). 

For storage and organization, I found stackable bookcases which hold smaller toys and games (legos, hot wheels, puzzles, etc). For coloring and playing I found a long desk to go against the wall with base storage compartments for paper, crayons, and markers. For a finishing touch, I added a bulletin board which neatly displays the kids’ newest works of art. Since task lighting was needed I found cute and inexpensive desk lamps for each side, which adds a flash of red.