Chinese Inspired Foyer

Check out these Foyer schemes! They're from the Chinese inspired project from last month.

I love both of them! My clients chose the first scheme. I am so excited for the delivery and installation of these pieces.
The large piece of art will be hung in their stairwell. It's large and will make quite the statement!

Do you prefer one over the other?

Update on the Chinese Inspired Design

I will be sharing design boards to catch you up on a large project from last month, now that they have been presented to my clients!

Their scope consisted of a playroom design, family room design, kitchen dining add-ons, foyer, bathroom mirrors and art around the whole house.

I'll share the playroom first!

The main functions of this room are for playing and watching movies. I added a wall of bookcases/storage to hold a TV and also for toy/game storage. The bins fit nicely on the shelves and they can mix and match the bin colors.

I selected a carpet tile that can be switched out one by one if and when they happen to get stained. They're made of a nylon material so they're easy to clean...but just in case! I immediately fell in love with the linear dot texture pattern and the colors which coordinate with the homes color scheme, as you will see by following the next design boards.

I selected a two-cushion settee so that one or two adults can get comfortable. It will be made in a durable lime green fabric with a 'performance' pillow fabric. In addition, there are some mobile bean bags/poufs for the kids to use and move around.

To soften the room, I will be installing window shades and simple drapery panels.

And of course...there will be plenty of toys to act as the accessories!

The Design Process...!

There are so many phases in the design process: finding inspiration from something, determining the color scheme, selecting the right furniture and fabrics to coordinate with the design style and budget. A lot of re-working and editing until you feel like all the pieces of the puzzle are in their right place! It feels great!

Today I spent a lot of time at Ethan Allen in Burlington, MA working on this project. This was round 2 to decide on a few more items and to get pricing on everything so that I can plug it into the pricing spreadsheet.

This project is very different from previous ones because my client's asked me for a Chinese style influence. I am having a lot of fun with this!

I still have art to finalize and other areas of the house to work on before it's complete.

Stay tuned for design boards once I present to them at the end of this month!

Family Room in Progress...

I have been busy working on a few new designs! I can't share too much since I have not presented it to my client yet. I am still in draft phase but it's coming along... This is going to be really different and I am super excited! They're asking for a Chinese inspired design and I am incorporating their large piece of art which has oranges, reds and greens. Stay tuned!