Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of my ADID followers a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🎄❤️

I especially find joy and happiness this time of year and love to bring the holidays to life throughout my home in winter wonderland New Hampshire  ❄️❄️❄️

Cheers to an amazing year and thank you again for everything! 


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my ADID followers! 

I am especially thankful and grateful today and I know I wouldn’t be able to have my dream job if it weren’t for my amazing network and support system ranging from my family & friends, and of course my clients.  I hope you all have the most wonderful day with your loved ones!

Thank you!.jpg

Entry Design

What is better than providing two options to my clients? How about three! Check out a recent redesign of an entryway for a client in Haverhill, MA. These options allow for a freshened up space that is functional and casual with a touch of rustic style. Which one is your favorite?


Burberry - Chicago

The Burberry building and store in Chicago showcases how an iconic print/pattern can also translate into a beautiful and architecturally show-stopping design. Hands down my favorite building in this city! Check out this beauty!

Exterior of Building

Exterior of Building

Exterior of Building

Exterior of Building

Exterior of Building

Exterior of Building

Interior - 5 stories of glass dividing wall

Interior - 5 stories of glass dividing wall

Interior - 5 stories of glass dividing wall

Interior - 5 stories of glass dividing wall

Andover Open Concept

I’ve been actively working on a new redesign in Andover, MA which includes a complete kitchen renovation, new dining space and family room!

Here are some fabrics I am using from Ethan Allen which were inspired by my clients beautiful art.

Photo Oct 25, 5 48 25 PM.jpg

Here is the final design board, highlighting most of the furnishings that will be in the space.


Stairway Gallery Wall

[before & after] of an easy yet personalized way to liven up an open stairway wall by adding photos and/or a collection of artwork 🎨🖤📷Tip: don't feel rushed into filling the wall - take your time with adding to the collection. Start in the middle and add on each side.

The New Feng Shui

How do you mix positive energy with decor?

With these crystal sculptures of course. I am loving these accessories from Homegoods and creating all the positive vibes possible with these beauties.

If my clients are open to this idea, I will incorporate crystal accessories on their bookshelves, end tables, nightstands, coffee tables and more!


Bath Tile

I love this installation of the Glazzio Tile picked out for a hall bathroom I designed in Newton, MA.

The shower/tub side walls will be finished with a white porcelain tile and the floor will be a gray 12x24 porcelain to match the gray in the accent tile.

Final pictures of this bathroom in the coming months!


Practicality Meets Panache

Project Location: Nashua, NH.

I was recently tasked with designing a space that can be used in multiple ways: for relaxing moments, a non-traditional work-from-home space, and for a more formal dinner space…challenge accepted!

My clients provided me with a “blank slate” meaning no previous furniture, no desired layout, no set color-scheme, etc. So based on our initial consultation, I knew yellow was a color they would like to see accented in the room, accompanied by mid-century design.

Knowing the room needed to include furnishings that would be practical in multiple ways; I picked out a dining table that could also function as a desk. The specific set included below comes with four chairs; however I included only three chairs to give it more of a desk look, while keeping the extra chair stored somewhere else for when they need it. By the bay window, I positioned two large chaise lounges, which can be used to relax, read, use laptop, etc.  

To add some panache, I went with a timeless and classic color palette of yellow, gray and ivory. For the furniture and lighting, options were narrowed down by the mid-century style previously mentioned, which aligned and was complimentary with their more modern living space I had previously designed.

See below for two options I created and presented. My clients chose to move forward with the second option, so stay tuned for updates and before/after pictures coming later this fall.

Floorplan - Dining/Office/Sitting 

Floorplan - Dining/Office/Sitting 

Option A Design Plan

Option A Design Plan

Option A Design Plan

Option A Design Plan

Custom Furniture by Yours Truly...

Project Location: Pelham, NH.

I am always looking for new and inspiring ways to grow as a designer, and recently I have been dipping my toes into the custom designed furniture pool.

My client was looking for a farmhouse style table that was narrow, yet long enough to fit in their kitchen dining space and the options that existed were not "perfect", so I decided to design one that was! 

Typically, dining tables are 38-42" W x 64-72" L and this one is 30" W x 84" L, aka completely customized and fitted for a specific space. 

By creating a custom design from start-to-finish, it allowed everything from the size, stain color, base paint color, top style, antiquing levels, etc. to be exactly what the client was looking for.  

It was a huge success all around!

You can find the furniture maker, A Vintage Wren on Custom Made

Pro tip: when picking out the table's stain finish, make sure to not only coordinate it to your hardwood flooring and other wood finishes; however make sure if you're doing a painted base, that it works well with the home's trim color.