Chic Master Bedroom

Project Location: Bedford, NH

In a recent re-design of a Master Bedroom, I combined classic wood furnishings, added in new art, accessories, and accents, incorporated a feminine and flirty color scheme, and found simplicity in various elements.



Design Board

Design Board

Existing Wood Furnishing & New Additions

My client’s cherry wood furnishings (nightstands, dresser, and armoire) were in great condition and I knew by using these, it would not only save around $5,000 from having to buy new furniture pieces, but it established a strong base for the room and overall look. The furniture additions include an upholstered headboard, a bench, and an accent chair and table. 

Bedford NH Master Bedroom Interior Design 1
Bedford NH Master Bedroom Interior Design 6

Feminine and Flirty

The inspiration for this room's color scheme came from a pair of watercolor art (pictured above the bed) which have mesmerizing tones of pinks, yellows, and greens. This color combination allowed for the perfect level of femininity and also created a fresh overall look to the room. 

Bedford NH Master Bedroom Interior Design 2

Simple is (usually) Better

I incorporated a neutral area rug with a slight classic pattern and to blend into the carpeting for a softer look. This rug has great dark and light contrast to coordinate with the darker tones found in the artwork, bench and bedding pillow. 

Bedford NH Master Bedroom Interior Design 3
Bedford NH Master Bedroom Interior Design 5

I added in drapery panels that are light beige, so that the color also blends into the paint color. Fun fact: up-close they have a beautiful velvet arabesque detail. 

My client's preference for a metallic finish was gold, so I sourced a few items showcasing gold accents, found the table lamps, mirrors, drapery hardware, drawer knobs and art frames. 

Gold Glam Mirror Over the Dresser

Gold Glam Mirror Over the Dresser

Details that Matter:

  • Mother-Of-Pearl Anthropologie knobs replace the original wood knobs to dress up the nightstands, dresser and armoire

  • The drapery rods are mounted close to the ceiling and 6" left and right of trim to give the illusion of a larger window and higher ceilings

  • All of the decorative accents around the room tie into the colors in the artwork

  • The dark gray upholstered bench creates a nice contrast against the carpeting, while tying into the area rug

New Dresser Hardware, Mirror, Lamp and Decor

New Dresser Hardware, Mirror, Lamp and Decor

Custom Sized and Framed Art for over the Fireplace

Custom Sized and Framed Art for over the Fireplace

Family Room Transformation

Project Location: Windham, NH

For this family room transformation, the main goal was to incorporate a stylish look while keeping it functional and of course, comfortable.

Here are some key highlights and details about the re-design, along with before & after pictures.



Fabric Board - Concept

Fabric Board - Concept

Selected Finishes

Selected Finishes

Final Design Board

Final Design Board

Before 1
After 1

Shine Bright

The most obvious change to this space is the paint color! I chose this beautiful neutral color (Benjamin Moore, Pale Oak OC-20 to be exact) because I knew I would be incorporating a dark sectional fabric since it would be best for wear-and-tear purposes. To add a nice contrast and brightness into the room, the paint should always be a much lighter color. Any shade within this neutral family compliments all shades of beiges, and grays will also pick up on the lighter tones throughout the room, like the area rug and speckles in the sectional's fabric.

Before 2

Accents | Accessories | Art

The patterned pillows were the main inspiration for the color scheme and ambiance of this room. I instantly fell in love with the tribal design, stylish pattern, and colors in this fabric. The accents of red inspired the main accent color to be sprinkled throughout the room. When you look at these photos, you will be drawn to the accent chairs and the art, without feeling like the color is overwhelming. Speaking of art, this abstract piece over the fireplace was completely customized by a trade vendor to have it be the perfect size and design. I also added a pop of red to the sectional, which ties in nicely with the chair fabric over to the other side of the room as well as geometric black and ivory print pillows to added a nice contrast to the red chairs.

After 2

The shadowbox art over the sectional is my favorite piece in this room! It was crafted from folded recycled newspapers and finished in metallic hand-applied gold and silver leaf, paired over a neutral linen fabric.


Before 3
After 3

Subtle Storage Space


The built-in bookcase showcased in the pictures was pre-existing, so I was able to use this as an attractive and functional storage space for various items. I helped style the bookcase with new and existing accessories while also adding baskets on the bottom shelves, ideal for storing less-attractive items, such as small toys and video games.

The chair's ottomans were perfect to add that extra needed storage space, while also being hidden. I chose a durable tan leather that coordinates with the orange-tan coloring in the pattered pillows.

Before 5
After 5

In with the new!

I replaced their old sectional with one that is stylish and more tailored. This takes up about the same width and length as the old one, but with no chaise on the end, this new sectional really opens up the room.

Fun fact: this sofa fabric is kid and pet friendly! This fabric is similar to sunbrella, where it's highly stain resistant and easy to clean.

After drawing the floor-plan, I knew I wanted to add two chairs next to the fireplace so that the area felt more functional. I sourced a rug that was long enough to go under the sofa and almost reach the chairs, so there was a visual connection to that side of the room.

Custom Faux Floral Arrangements, designed & hand-crafted by me!

Take a look at these beauties!

For a multi-faceted accessory project in Chicago I am working on, I wanted to create various faux floral arrangements to place as center pieces in the dining room. 

When sourcing and shopping for pre-made florals, it has been challenging to find a container and arrangement that's the exact style and color combo to work with the design scheme in my designs, so I decided to make my own, and here are the ones I made…

I sourced the containers and each piece of greenery, floral, and moss to ensure these are truly one-of-a-kind arrangements 💛

Photo May 15, 1 21 15 PM.jpg
Photo May 17, 1 57 30 PM.jpg
Photo May 17, 1 56 32 PM.jpg
Photo May 18, 3 20 45 PM.jpg
Photo May 18, 3 21 13 PM.jpg

Bathroom Renovation Progress

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a bathroom re-design, so I wanted to share this particular one for a client in Billerica, MA because of this stunning accent tile incorporated into the shower. 

My client was drawn to more of a Moroccan and organic style, so I found this tile that would give her an interesting pattern and also add color to the bathroom. I sought out a tile that felt timeless and would appeal to almost anyone, but keeping with Moroccan aesthetics.

This tile is more of an "art piece" and focal point which I personally love.

Before & after pictures coming soon!

Photo May 07, 2 41 25 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 23, 12 58 56 PM.jpg

Quick Consultation - Family Room Fabric Selection

For a family room project, it was important that I started with selecting fabrics for a new sectional as I knew that would be the main focal point in the room.

When picking out fabrics, it can often be very time consuming if you don’t have a general idea or inspiration to start from; luckily I had an existing rug to use as this inspiration. With this as a starting point, I had fabrics picked out within 30 minutes or less.

On their own time, my clients visited the furniture store to select the sectional they felt was most comfortable for them. Once I gave my “ADID approval”, the sectional was ordered!

While the majority of my projects are more for full-time design services, I enjoy working on smaller projects like this one. Whether a client needs me work with them hourly and/or help verify purchase decisions, I am the designer for the job!

Photo May 08, 7 19 31 PM.jpg
Existing Area Rug - Used to Inspire the New Fabric Scheme

Existing Area Rug - Used to Inspire the New Fabric Scheme

Hospitality Design - Fabric Boards

My inspiration and design theme ideas always start with fabric boards and these are specific for a luxury senior living company for a high-rise in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I was assigned to design four floors, where each floor has a slightly different theme and inspiration, for the residents enjoyment and experience.

This project will be installed in November. I am so excited to share this amazing project with you!

5th Floor - Blue and Orange Accents

5th Floor - Blue and Orange Accents

9th Floor - Blues

9th Floor - Blues

10th Floor - Soft Teals

10th Floor - Soft Teals

11th Floor - Soft Greens/Yellows

11th Floor - Soft Greens/Yellows

Basement Guest Bedroom

When designing rooms that might not generate a lot of natural light or be in the basement (like this one), it's important to keep the color scheme simple and light. Then, you can always add a pop of color to compliment the tones. This design consisted of new wall-to-wall carpeting, paint and all new furniture and décor. 💛 Cape Cod, MA

East Falmouth-182-Edit.jpg

Gallery Wall

Still swooning over this sitting room and symmetrical gallery wall I designed for clients in Nashua, NH. 📷 

My clients have traveled the world and this is the perfect way to showcase their adventures while also providing a classy design element!

Photo Mar 28, 3 54 25 PM.jpg