Elegant Accessory Project

What I love most about accessories is they come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes so there are endless options to complete every type of look. Here is a collection for an upcoming project where I am adding accessories to an elegant residence!

Andover Living Room - Final Selections

Whenever I am looking for a unique fabric combination, Ethan Allen always delivers! Here is a collection for a living room where I am using one bold fabric, and then pulling individual colors to include as additional fabrics to be used in the same room, ultimately creating a cohesive color combo

Photo Feb 05, 1 30 53 PM.jpg

Andover Living Room Options

Here are three design options for my client's living room in Andover, MA.

This is a glimpse of what you'll get when you hire ALLISON@ALLISONDUCHARMEINTERIORDESIGN.COM for a full-service design plan: A CAD floorplan to scale with all of the furnishings, sourced furnishings from retail, online and trade vendors, design boards and pricing lists.

Simple changes like switching out area rugs, pillows and drapery you can create a completely different look. Which one would you pick?


3 of my Favorite things!

Leopard Print + Crushed Velvets + Metallics = three of my absolute favorite looks across Interior Design and my personal wardrobe! This current project is especially exciting to work on, and I can't wait to reveal the final design in a couple of months

Photo Oct 14, 12 08 20 PM.jpg

National Tile Day

Happy National Tile Day for all of you tile-obsessed followers out there, which is everyone right? 😉

Showcasing my mudroom floor today!

Here is a brief description of what today represents - “National Tile Day recognizes a timeless element of architecture and design. Around the world, tile plays a variety of roles, revealing its durability and flexibility over thousands of years. From the modest to the sublime, tile proves to be one of the most practical building materials” - www.Coverings.com

Photo Feb 20, 4 49 24 PM.jpg

Custom Entry Door

It is always a rewarding experience when I work with clients on a staple for their home that is custom and unique. This is a specific example showcasing a custom Double French entry door with Monumental privacy glass - what a striking and bold combination!

Photo Feb 17, 2 29 01 PM.jpg

London House Chicago

The London House Chicago lobby is the perfect mix of classic mid-century modern and eclectic design. It's one of my favorite spots in Chicago!

I am having major light-fixture envy here! This gorgeous chandelier is made from acrylic rods and metal connectors. It's amazing how the repetition of one thing can create such a beautiful design.

Photo Oct 27, 4 53 41 PM.jpg

From top to bottom, this room is my absolute favorite design look. As a professional, I especially appreciate the wide range of design elements (metallic dot wallpaper, herringbone tile floor, chevron wood plank wall, sputnik chandelier, and more!)

Photo Oct 27, 6 09 03 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 27, 4 58 13 PM.jpg

What a fun area rug!

I recently came across this colorful rug from Patterson Flynn Martin and I immediately visualized how perfect this would be in a lake or beach home as there are so many soft and complimentary colors with an overall nautical feel. Plus, there are so many choices on what to make an accent color for the rest of the room!